Assisted stretching helps you reach a deeper, more effective stretch that enhances your physical & mental functionality.

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Mobility & Flexibility

Allows for more control over the body through optimal joint range of motion. When tissue can lengthen and shorten properly joints are able to access their full range of motion. This is a combination of extensibility and flexibility which will enhance tissue strength.

Injury Prevention

Stretching allows tissue to lengthen to its proper size. The longer a muscle is, the greater its ability to perform. The shorter a muscle is, the less capable it is to function properly. In some cases, this sudden demand on shortened muscles can cause an injury. That is because when muscles are shortened they pull on tendons creating a higher chance for tears. Stretching will help prevent tears which  allow you to keep doing the activities that you love.

Sports Performance

When muscles aren’t activated they shorten and feel tight. Then when activity is attempted the muscles are unable to extend properly. Stretching before your activities keeps the muscles healthy, strong, flexible, and enhances sport performance by improving joint range of motion.

Stress Reduction

Allows for greater circulation of nutrient rich blood to the brain which can eliminate brain fog and result in mood elevation. Also allows muscles to let go of stress that is being carried, helping you relax and sleep better.

Blood Circulation

Allows for a more rapid delivery of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all organs and tissue making them healthier and stronger. This nutrient rich blood is responsible for disposing of all built up waste like carbon dioxide and lactic acid inside the body. This process will help slow down cellular aging and enhance all bodily functions.

Posture Improvement

Allows muscles to relax leading to improved respiration and keeps the rib cage in proper position which helps in digestion. Good posture also helps reduce muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper back which helps prevent headaches or migraines.

Science backed stretches to get you to the next level.

Move well, Feel Well, Be well.