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Why Stretch?

Stretching your muscles is essential for good health and superior performance. We help you reach your health and fitness goals by doing the  foundation work for you.

  • Increase Mobility & Flexibility
  • Improve Posture
  • Improve Blood Flow and Circulation
  • Reduce Stress
  • Enhance Sports Performance
  • Prevent Injuries

Our Services

Our 1-on-1 assisted stretching techniques allow our clients to gain greater flexibility and optimal joint range of motion. Our trained Stretch Therapists achieve this by stretching muscle fibers and connective tissue known as fascia. Whether you work at a desk daily, are a weekend warrior, or a professional athlete our bodies have all endured physical stress. These external stresses can create tight muscles and stiffness in joint capsules leading to restricted movement throughout the body. You will experience a series of passive, static, and PNF stretches in a tailored routine created just for you.

Compression therapy gently squeezes the lower extremity muscles and veins, pushing lymph fluid in directions that follow the structure of the lymphatic system in the body. This increases blood flow and helps activate a lymphatic flush- which accelerates the drainage of accumulated lymph fluid through the proper channels. Increased blood flow leads to increased removal of lactic acid and other metabolic waste, inturn speeding up the recovery process and decreasing soreness and fatigue. Other benefits of compression therapy include decreased swelling and pain and improved the immune system function.

Myofascial release therapy is a massage technique that focuses on relieving pain in myofascial tissues; these are the thick connective tissues that support your muscles. During this process we locate areas of fascia that feel stiff and fixed instead of elastic and movable under light pressure. Our massage tools will deeply penetrate the collagen fibers to release the constricted tissue and alleviate pain. Once the fascia is released the muscle will have more room to move and be able to perform at a higher level. This technique also increases lymphatic flow, and activates the nervous system.

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As a former professional football player, karate practitioner and avid golfer. I understand the importance of stretching and how you should make it part of your weekly workout.. I know all the benefits I'd receive by routinely attending sessions at Stretchlyfe, increased flexibility, range of motion, blood flow with improved posture. I'm in my 60's, I feel looser, relaxed with a boost of energy with relief from stiffness and soreness. Join Stretchlyfe and make an investment in yourself.
Andre T.
Pro Football Hall of Fame New England Patriots Linebacker
Stretch Lyfe is a cheat code for my body. From walking in there being able to barely reach my toes to being able to fold with a flat back and have my palms touch the floor is a trip. From living an extremely active lifestyle but having to drive 10+ hours a week, my body always feels out of alignment. I frequently get deep tissue massages, see a chiropractor, do yoga and stretch on my own but nothing compares to how good my body feels after a session at Stretch Lyfe. So happy South Bay finally has affordable, high quality stretch therapists!
Deano W.
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
I just had my second session at Stretch Lyfe, I always had problem with my neck and back due to an old injury. Let me tell you, after 50 minutes of stretching, my neck and back felt really relaxed and virtually pain-free. The place is in a great location with a beautiful set up and a group of professionals who genuinely care about your well being. I highly recommend this place, your body needs it.
Sepideh H.
I never thought the same stretching techniques and massage guns that I have used many times could have such a different effect on me when someone professional is applying it! I am amazed by their detail-oriented work and the immediate benefits. I have suffered from neck and low back pain for many years, self stretching has been one of my daily routines because everybody told me to do that, but I never saw a large difference. At Stretch Lyfe, I finally acknowledged what my physical limitations are and how to overcome them.
Gigi L.